Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TV Serial: Kaun Banega Crorepati 3: ~~~A King versus An Emperor~~~

Dear Friends, after KBC1 and KBC2 it is KBC3 now. This is the third innings. Big B captained first two innings. On his footsteps the third innings is being played by SRK. Both are legends and a landmark in their own capacities. Keeping aside the personalities, the program itself is a grand success and has been structured so well that it could have been anybody’s call, but I feel the best of the programs need best of the presenters too. The program is going great guns, TRPs speak just a marginal difference and SRK is picking up very smoothly.
As in the preceding reviews posted after KBC3 started, the main emphasis has been on the comparison of the two presenters, as the program remains the same. Although I believe that in this world of individuals, comparison is a senseless activity as each individual tries to deliver his best. Sometimes I wonder the way SRK is compared with Big B, Big B was never compared with Dilip Kumar so much. Whatever, the first pillar and quite strong too is Big B as far as this show is concerned. He is the person who drove it so beautifully, flawlessly and excellently.
Both of them have a spark and glitter in their eyes, liveliness on their face and a positive attitude. Both are at the extreme of their confidence but Big B appeared unshakeable and stable whereas SRK appears to be unstoppable and ready to cross the boundary anytime. Sometimes I see a great urge in SRK to be compared with Big B (first Don II and now KBC III). Both believe in the theory of “survival of the fittest” and both are fit to survive by continously exploring themselves and delivering the best.

Following the predecessors on MS, let me try mark a difference between the two of them, based on their individual charm, persona, attitude, style and nature.
Sophistication vs. Naive: SRK is acting so innocent (very cleverly) that he can dare to do any foolish or funny act upto any extent. On the other hand Big B because of age, family background and a long, strong career was appearing very sophisticated. Where SRK is appearing like a brother Big B had to appear like a Father. SRK as boy, Big B as Man. SRK is looking more informal. Big B looked to have a worldly knowledge contained in him. SRK is more jovial, where as Big B appeared as Jove.
Soft vs Hard: Big B used to be Soft whereas SRK is a bit more tricky and hard.
Witty vs Cunning: Big B was witty but reserved and conserved. Contained and still with depth. SRK is free flowing, cunning, spontaneous. SRK can be termed as a “cunning baby”.
Secured vs. Vulnerable: Big B could make the person sitting opposite to him secured and comfortable whereas the person sitting opposite to SRK too feels the same but can be prompted or provoked to react awkwardly at any moment of time.
Matured vs. Daring: This could be due to the difference in their age. Big B appeared to be demonstrating and expecting maturity whereas SRK draws out the child factor from inside of the person sitting opposite to him. SRK dares to prompt, provoke, agitate the person and reflect his real self. Big B was self contained and could not draw out so much colors out of the person.
Grace vs. Blimey: Big B has a persona, grace, elegance, softness, depth grace whereas SRK blimey, more expressive and more versatile.
Libra vs. Scorpio: A Libran is a Libran and a Scorpion is a Scorpion. One is more thoughtful, think before you speak, little shy, conserved, orthodox, and reserved whereas other is open, speedy, blunt, unorthodox, no boundaries, full of spontaneity and action.
Practical vs. Promptness: Big B used to be quite practical, SRK is prompt, quick, at times obnoxious and offensive.
Pro-Active vs. Reactive: He was proactive in the sense that he behaved in such as manner that he knew almost everytime how the other person is going to respond. He is provocative and hence sometimes may face surprises by unexpected response, rather he is least bothered about the response since he has the capability to handle any situation/response and will react accordingly and instantly.
Lively vs. Naughty: He was lively but not naughty, he is lively and naughty as well.
Flawless vs controversial: He was flawless, controlled and away from controversial scenes on the set. He is prone to controversies by provoking the persons sitting opposite to him by his remarks or act.
Nimble as a deer vs nimble wits: Both are intelligent, smart and quick. One is quick as a deer, the other is witty.
Orthodox vs Maverick: He had crossed his golden years and still was in his golden era during KBC I and II. He is a golden boy, maverick, daring to do beyond expectations and always full of surprises in KBC III.

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