Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Advice on Watching Movies: ~main~chup~rahoonga~

Choose the right people to accompany you: Never watch a movie with your Boss. Don’t fool yourself by making unofficial things official, even if you are on a tour, you both will not be able to enjoy the movie unless you both are out of office best friends. Take your friends, family, any one with whom you feel relaxed, free and unstrangled.
Decide on a right movie: Actually it depends, what is your mission (and vision at that moment). It may be a high profiled movie you have pre-conceived and decided to watch at any cost before it was released or it may happen all of a sudden to go for a movie. But whatever is the situation, decide mercifully (have mercy on yourself and those bound by your decision)
Wear the monkey cap: Be in a most enjoyable mood, unmask your face, smile, laugh and relax.
Get tickets reserved in advance: it is better to avoid black holes on the earth (houseful situation or tickets available only for frontmost two rows)
Get box or balcony back row: prefer to have back or middle rows of balcony else back rows of PVRs, Satyams, I-max or a box if you are going to a traditional theatre.
Get centre corner or side corner: to avoid disturbing others while moving out during the movie (and to guess/estimate the health of the people crossing you)
Check the seat number on tickets and if it is not clear at the time of reservation, ask/confirm: check the seat numbers and if it is a doctor’s prescription, confirm the seat numbers to avoid confusions later.
Early to bed early to rise: Reach well in advance to enter in the hall, take your seats, grab some snacks without any panic or hustle and bustle.
Take care of your belongings: be alert to take care of your wife/ kid(s)/ girl friend(s)/ friend(s)/ family/ parents/ mobile/ pockets/ purses/ any other valuables. Wear less costly watches/ ornaments.
Leave whistle/hooters at home: relieve yourself of extra water and other wastes in your stomach before starting for a movie! Don’t let it blackmail you during an interesting sequence happening on the screen. Similarly decide before hand you will not be moved by/ prompted by/ provoked by the shouters/ whistlers/ hooters in the theatre.
Don’t get too excited with too hot or too cold scenes: don’t shout or whistle loudly. Instead laugh or cry as the situation may be as that implies that the actor has performed and you have been able to see that performance. Don’t narrate story ahead of what is going to happen, if you do so, you will become villain to many around.
Enjoy the stuff: mind it that you have spent money and time on it, so get the best out of it, if there is no good, try finding out, if not in the movie, around you. Mind it, goodness makes us survive, if we are still surviving, that means goodness exists in or around us in considerable amount to sustain us.
Take a torch with you: if torch-man is too smart to blink torch at your face very often, reciprocate to make him realize how it feels.
Understand your limits by the size of your seat: don’t spread/expand yourself too vertical or horizontal, understand your seat that is trying to teach you your limits.
Let mobile be on buzzer/silent mode: when you are engrossed in the movie, equally many more around would be. Let them and you all of a sudden not be disturbed by a high volume ringtone.
Enjoy the break: analyze what happened so far, assume what will be happening afterwards but all this with a punch of cola, nachos, popcorns, American corn etc. (don’t take all, these are snacks not food!)
No harm in taking a nap: if you are too tired, on a movie straight from office to home to movie, there is no harm in taking a nap especially on the soft, cost shoulder, but be decent enough to not to snore (loudly!)
Take the shortest possible path to go out of your seat: if you have to go out for buying snack or relieving yourself, take the shortest possible path thereby disturbing the least possible persons in the dark. Moreover you are not Vasco De Gama with no intentions to discover another barren piece of land.
Dump your wastes politely under your seat: slip politely the tray/empty can/empty box of your drink/popcorns etc. under your seat and don’t put it on the sideways/ frontways passage.
Don’t be in hurry: don’t rush to leave the hall immediately after the movie or during the last scene, or at the end if some remix is running. Relax, as was your purpose. Nothing bad is going to happen if it has not happened so far. Nothing you are going to miss if have not missed so far. Let all hurriers run away. Carve your path calmly as if you are walking in a garden.
After/Before movie: if it is lunch/dinner time before or after the movie, try a restaurant around the theatre. After all you are on an outing and you are supposed to enjoy and spend money.

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