Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Japanese Encephalitis Alert with Monsoon Showers

The issue was first identified in Bhopal. There were three deaths in the city hospitals in the first week of June this year. The cause for all three deaths was Japanese Encephalitis virus. Within no time an alert was issued by the civic bodies. There were two key elements to this alert. Firstly, there was an urgent need to identify vulnerable areas and zones in the city and surrounding vicinities for which relevant agencies were put into action immediately. Secondly, the state government urged residents to stay cautious and alert. As a matter of fact, all these three patients that became the victim of this deadly virus were from adjoining districts. A further digging into the matter brought some more facts about the issue. Death records from January till May at Hamidia Hospital revealed almost 20 persons dying of viral Japanese Encephalitis with some astonishing facts.
Japanese Encephalitis
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Out of these 20 deaths, five were minors and 12 were women. While these deaths occurred during the different time from January to May but most of these were in March. Eight persons died of Encephalitis viral in that month only. Experts in the field say that Japanese Encephalitis is a viral disease. The key agents spreading this virus are mosquitoes, wild birds, and pigs. As Harshit Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, BMC (Bhopal Municipal Committee) says, “We have issued an alert in the city as three deaths were reported in the city. Though the deceased were not from the city, still we need to take preventive measures. We have launched an intensive check of the localities in the state capital and marked some areas as vulnerable. We have narrowed our focus to water coolers discarded after summer with water making it a breeding ground for vectors.”
Japanese Encephalitis
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There is no proper cure for Japanese Encephalitis patient

Acknowledging that some sectors in Old and New Bhopal are most vulnerable in this respect, Tiwari adds, “We have scheduled a meeting on June 20 with the health department and malaria team, where we will get a list of the black spots of the city, where the probability of vector-borne disease risk is high.” It is important to understand why we call it by this name. Actually, the first case of this viral disease was found in Japan in 1871 and thus we call it by the name of Japanese Encephalitis. The recent three deaths in the first week of June include two kids and an adult. These two kids were from the districts of Vidisha and Hoshangabad. The adult was from Ashoknagar. While the two kids were being treated at Hamidia Hospital in the city, the third case was admitted to AIIMS, Bhopal.
Japanese Encephalitis
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Both Hospitals confirmed that all the three patients’ blood samples were Japanese Encephalitis positive. As a matter of fact, there is no particular treatment once infection occurs in a patient. It is more of a matter of proper care. The symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis include high fever, stiffness in the neck, headache, coma, spastic paralysis, seizures, and disorientation. The fatality rate in 30% in these cases. That is why protection, awareness, and prevention is most important in these cases so that nobody falls prey to Japanese Encephalitis symptoms.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Why Pay For Dating When You Have Great Free Dating Sites

Nothing comes free in this world. But of course, money is not the only thing to buy the best thing on this earth. Now, let us see how it works in Online Dating. If you are a potential dating customer and want to gain probably the best of the experiences, you don't need to pay for buying a subscription to a good dating site. In fact, no good dating site would charge from its customers for its services. Because if they get good potential customers in large volumes, business comes automatically to them through various other means. That is why you have great dating sites in place that promise to provide you best experience without charging a penny from you. Like, this is a fabulous date site where people meet for older dating. That means a site for over 40s dating. An absolutely free site.

Hence, you can call it a friendly mature dating for seniors. Especially, nowadays there are a plenty of options when it comes to an online dating site. Definitely, you need a reliable and user-friendly site that offers you a rich experience. A site that knows what you are looking for and helps you to choose the right Senior Dating site by becoming your Senior Cupid. For many, online dating is a serious matter. Especially, if there has been an issue in a past relationship because of any kind of troubling circumstances and you want to come out of it badly. The best way is to become a member of some good dating site and find a suitable partner for you. Like, some senior dating sites focus on singles of over 40 to 70 offering a fantastic level of guidance and support throughout their journey thus making it memorable.

Free Dating Sites Offer A Great Level of Guidance And Support

There are many casual sites in the US that offer free dating experiences and are highly in demand because of their excellent services and high focus on what customer expects from them. It is a kind of continuous enhancement in offerings while keeping a close watch on user experience and expectations. In fact, these sites offer a great experience to all kind of customers whether that is joining to manage a broken heart, for a more serious reason, or just for fun. It all depends whether you are looking for a short-term experience or deciding on a marital affair. Basically, it is all a matter of comfort. To enhance their customer's experience, they offer best tips for using adult dating sites. That means, even if you are not sure where to start, you have somebody to guide you in the right direction.

Free Dating Sites
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In fact, these sites get you the most suitable profiles fitting your requirement so that you don't have a meaningless browsing experience. Once you find a probable match, you are ready to exchange photos and discuss your meet-up to conclude things faster. That is what these Free Dating Sites thrive for. To give you best experience. Obviously, without being serious and providing a rich experience to their customers, no online dating site can become popular and highly in demand.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Now Ask for Angela For A Memorable Dating Experience @WelLoveDates

A bad taste is good enough to spoil the show to an extent that you lose your interest completely. Especially if it is a case of a bad date, it definitely spoils s the mood to a large extent. In fact, even an iota of the feeling of discomfort with your partner for the evening can create a long-lasting impact. As a matter of fact, it might break your trust completely in online dating. That small piece of discomfort or mismanagement by lack of vision of one site might spoil the show for best of the sites. So, there are online dating sites that are just running without making any efforts to create a great customer experience. And on the other hand, there are some serious online dating sites who understand the gravity of the matter deeply thus doing their best of the efforts to create a great experience.
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A free dating site does not mean lack of seriousness in their business. Some online dating sites are very clear about their goals. They, in fact, also know the best ways to align their goals well with the goals of their members, customers, or clients. Such businesses, as a matter of fact, keep evolving with the help of finding new innovative ways to understand their customers better. Rather, they create a learning point for each instance. Ask for Angela is one such great innovative initiative by one of the free dating online portal. The campaign was launched last year by Lincolnshire County Council last year and within no time it was a big hit. In fact, soon after its launch, looking at its usefulness and benefits, there were a number of other areas of the UK to follow the same. The campaign aims to ensure no bad dates.

Ask For Angela Is A Great Innovation in Dating

Awareness is the key that is important for initiatives like Ask for Angela. Such campaigns are powerful enough to create a memorable experience for the users of online dating. This is, in fact, an innovative campaign. It helps those who feel a sense of vulnerability in pubs and clubs. Under this campaign, they can now contact the staff of a pub or club which is a part of this campaign and request for any kind of assistance. The pilot was a big success in a south London borough. And hence the same is in a process of roll-out on a large scale across the capital. Ask for Angela is available, as a matter of fact, at participating locations across London. The primary aim of this campaign is to bring down sexual violence and any kind of vulnerabilities in that regard. They do it by providing customers appropriate assistance.
The assistance includes separation from the company of someone with whom a person feels unsafe. This feeling might arise out of the other person's actions, body language, behavior, or words. So far, more than 50% or venues on the borough have signed to become a member of this campaign. And it is continuing fast to grow.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Axis Bank and Apollo Munich Launch Bespoke Health Insurance Solutions

Axis Bank and Apollo Munich Launch Bespoke Health Insurance Solutions
English: 1920 British National Health Insurance stamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Axis Bank partners with Apollo Munich to offer
bespoke health insurance solutions to its customers

  • Bank’s exclusive Bancassurance partner for health insurance solutions
  • Unique support and service mechanism for the Bank’s customers
  • Paperless processes to ensure minimum TAT for policy issuance and service

xis Bank, India’s third largest private sector banktoday announced its exclusive partnership with Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company to offer its customers bespoke health insurance products and services. The strategic partnership with the health insurance company, a JV between Asia's largest healthcare group, ‘The Apollo Hospitals Group’ and the world leader in health insurance, ‘Munich Health’ will offer customers unique health insurance plans with value added benefits such as health advisory services and access to wellness portal etc., under their ‘Health Eco System’.
Commenting on the partnership, Rajiv Anand, Group Executive & Head Retail Banking, Axis Bank said, “Over the past couple of years, we have observed the exponential rise in the cost of healthcare and the need for customized and affordable health insurance solutions. With the objective of ensuring the health and wellbeing of our customers, we are delighted to announce our exclusive Bancassurance partnership for health insurance with Apollo Munich, which will help us further expand our existing bouquet of offerings and put forth a compelling proposition.”
Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, along with the Bank will design and offer customized health insurance products to the Bank’s customers, as per their requirements. Policy issuance and service will be driven by paperless online processes, ensuring minimum turnaround time. A brief of the unique benefits for customers are:
  • Automatically restoring the basic sum insured in case the policyholder exhausts his/her sum insured in a policy year
  • Wide range of sum insured options ranging from Rs 3 lacs to 50 lacs
  • A health insurance plan with no sub-limits, no copays or room rent limits
  • High Pre and Post hospitalization cover of 60 and 180 days respectively
  • Coverage for all “Daycare Procedures”
  • Health checkup benefits
  • Extensive network of hospitals
  • In-house claim settlement

Speaking about the tie up with Axis Bank, Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance said, “We are excited to partner with Axis Bank and offer its customers uncomplicated and innovative health insurance solutions. Through bancassurance, health insurance penetration is expected to grow rapidly as there are more than one lakh bank branches in the country, with a majority located in rural and semi urban areas. We at Apollo Munich believe in the potential banks hold as a distribution channel. They can aid us in strengthening our reach in the tier two and three cities overnight.”
He further added “Going forward this partnership will develop more innovative solutions to meet specific needs of different customer segments of the bank. In addition, Axis Bank customers will have access to expert health services that promote healthy living.”

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tangerine Launches Coolers Summer Collection

Tangerine unveils ‘Coolers’, a summer collection with a twist

~ Inspired from shades of summer beverages, Tangerine’s Coolers collection is soothing to the eyes, soft to feel and refreshing to the core ~

“What’s your color this summer,” asks the home d├ęcor solutions specialist, Tangerine. With Coolers, Tangerine walks an extra mile to add to summer homes a cool and contemporary twist. The all new range of bed spreads and pillow cases has a cool, calm and refreshing appeal akin to the effect summer coolers have on our senses.

With this unique bed sheet collection by Tangerine, lime meets mint, lavender meets beige, aqua meets rose to add to every bedroom, a twin touch of calm and comfort. As the name suggests, Coolers is inspired from subtle shades of summer coolers such as Blue Lagoon, Lavender Lemonade, Lime Kiwi Punch, Cucumber Punch, Mojito and shades of the refreshing Ice-teas.

The collection is designed keeping in mind what every summer homes truly deserves, a look that is serene, soothing and stylish in equal measure. Known to be a trendsetter, Tangerine has beautifully placed two solid colors in each combination to create a look that beats the heat.

The self-textured dobby weave bed sheets and pillow cases in solid colors are made in 100% cotton combed yarn. Tangerine has brought in a double mercerized finish to every piece of linen, adding a delicate sheen that exudes class, comfort and the contemporary look the brand is known for. Weaved in a high 330 thread count, the Tangerine Coolers collection is a perfect blend of textures that pamper in a super quality fabric that feels soft and comforting.

 Rajiv Merchant, Founder, MD & CEO, Tangerine shared, “Coolers is a unique way to welcome this summer on a calming note. We have put in a lot of thought behind blending two complementing solid colors, the detailing, the texture and its feel, to ensure every home brings in a summer makeover with a twist. Coolers as the name goes, is meant to refresh, rejuvenate and keep it light in the bedrooms when there is bright sun shining outside.”

With Bed sheet sets in King XL size comprising one bed sheet and 2 pillow covers to match, the range priced at Rs.2,499/- onwards is available at the Tangerine stores across the country.

Let’s go the Coolers way with Tangerine and bring along, hues your home will love this summer!

2gether - App from BharatMatrimony Creating Lifetime Journey

BharatMatrimony launches 2gether, an app that seeks to help couples create and share their lifetime journey, privately and securely

2gether - App from BharatMatrimony Creating Lifetime Journey

In a world where relationships between couples are increasingly strained, BharatMatrimony’s 2gether app is intended to enhance and enrich the relationship by seeking to bring out the good times couples have in their journey and improve the communication between them.

This app is a secure and private messenger. All the communication between the couples is encrypted. It also captures the memorable moments to be relived over a lifetime. We believe that positive memories are essential to happiness and improve a couple’s wellbeing. Couples can communicate through text and voice messages, photos, videos and share locations with each other.

We believe that 2gether app will enhance and create a happy married life for couples. What better day to roll this out 2gether app than on Matrimony Day (April 14),” says Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and Managing Director –

For archiving your special moments as memories to look back on, the app encrypts and securely stores all your photos, videos and voice messages. It also allows you to text privately from within the app.