Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Now Ask for Angela For A Memorable Dating Experience @WelLoveDates

A bad taste is good enough to spoil the show to an extent that you lose your interest completely. Especially if it is a case of a bad date, it definitely spoils s the mood to a large extent. In fact, even an iota of the feeling of discomfort with your partner for the evening can create a long-lasting impact. As a matter of fact, it might break your trust completely in online dating. That small piece of discomfort or mismanagement by lack of vision of one site might spoil the show for best of the sites. So, there are online dating sites that are just running without making any efforts to create a great customer experience. And on the other hand, there are some serious online dating sites who understand the gravity of the matter deeply thus doing their best of the efforts to create a great experience.
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A free dating site does not mean lack of seriousness in their business. Some online dating sites are very clear about their goals. They, in fact, also know the best ways to align their goals well with the goals of their members, customers, or clients. Such businesses, as a matter of fact, keep evolving with the help of finding new innovative ways to understand their customers better. Rather, they create a learning point for each instance. Ask for Angela is one such great innovative initiative by one of the free dating online portal. The campaign was launched last year by Lincolnshire County Council last year and within no time it was a big hit. In fact, soon after its launch, looking at its usefulness and benefits, there were a number of other areas of the UK to follow the same. The campaign aims to ensure no bad dates.

Ask For Angela Is A Great Innovation in Dating

Awareness is the key that is important for initiatives like Ask for Angela. Such campaigns are powerful enough to create a memorable experience for the users of online dating. This is, in fact, an innovative campaign. It helps those who feel a sense of vulnerability in pubs and clubs. Under this campaign, they can now contact the staff of a pub or club which is a part of this campaign and request for any kind of assistance. The pilot was a big success in a south London borough. And hence the same is in a process of roll-out on a large scale across the capital. Ask for Angela is available, as a matter of fact, at participating locations across London. The primary aim of this campaign is to bring down sexual violence and any kind of vulnerabilities in that regard. They do it by providing customers appropriate assistance.
The assistance includes separation from the company of someone with whom a person feels unsafe. This feeling might arise out of the other person's actions, body language, behavior, or words. So far, more than 50% or venues on the borough have signed to become a member of this campaign. And it is continuing fast to grow.

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