Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Quit Smoking - Tips and Tricks: QUIT LIFE not smoking!!!

kah rahaa hai dariyaa se samandar kaa sukuut,
jis kaa jitanaa zarf hai utanaa vo Khaamosh hai

1. Intention is not to hurt anyone.
2. Resemblance of name, thought processes expressed, contents should not be taken seriously.
3. For esteemed Smokers - If you smoke - don't quit smoking, just quit reading this review. If by chance you dare to read the review, don't get bogged down by the contents, take it easy and keep smoking.
4. For non-smokers - just read it as a regular review. no need to get inspired and forward it to a smoker who you think may read it and drop smoking.
5. Dropping cigarette may be injurious to love towards addiction. Even if you drop a cigarette by chance on floor, cig - lit or unlit. floor - dirty or clean, floor - wet or dry, don't worry, pick it at once, lit it and smoke. There are many other useless things to drop in life - relation, love, friendhsip, respect, job, career, health, yourself.

tumhii.n to ho jise kahatii hai naaKhudaa duniyaa,
bachaa sako to bachaa lo ki Duubataa huu.N mai.n

Name : Gautam
Sex: Male. Status: Middle Class Family.
Part I - Age: 14 years. 
Today for the first time my dearest friend Roshan advised me that how good and enjoyable cigarette is. He smokes every day when we are together and nothing has happened to him so far. I don't know why Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro are against smoking. Grandpa smokes till date and is hail and hearty. how handsome are the men and beautiful are the women in the ads shown during interval of movies, magazines .... smoking, smiling, enjoying. How these movies stars are so smart and handsome and they appear more handsome when, in movies,  they have cigarette in their hand and beautiful heroines around them, admiring their style of smoking, their status.....

And that day when I read that article in the newspaper, the opening dashing batsman, so many runs, so popular, so many world records, ... smokes 40 cigarettes a day. Sportsman - smoking - if nothing happens to him, what can happen to me???? I am just a small boy, fresh blood, caring parents, loving sisters. I have to become a sports star, a hero, a dashing personlaity to move in society gracefully when I am grown up. SO my dear friend Roshan - I DECIDE TO START SMOKING TODAY, TEACH ME MY DEAR FRIEND, TEACH ME HOW TO SMOKE, TEACH ME....... Sorry Dad, Mom, Sis, Bro and Friends..... I Love my friend who loves me so much that he insists me every time he smokes to try a cigarette, to enjoy the life at its fullest, as he enjoys ...... If you all are fools and don't want to enjoy it is not my headache......

qaasid tuu hii bataa tuune to dekhe ho.nge
vo Khat kaise hote hai jin ke javaab aate hai.n

Part II - Age: 17 years.I have been smoking for almost 3 years now. Smart boy, handsome, when I have cigarette in my hand and i swirl the smoke in the air, my friends say - WOW. My girl friend says I look more handsome when I smoke. I feel very HAPPY, SATISFIED.

Mom and Sis have come to know that I smoke. Mom said quit it else .... , who cares.... Dad is as usual busy in office and earning. Mom is also busy with her job. They have only one aim in life, to grow me and Sis in a good atmosphere, with good education and build a strong career. Dad has never compelled for his wish for my career and left it free for me to study as much as I want, whatever subjects I want, and choose a career of my choice to become what I want to become in life. He never spent money in movies, parties, taxis .... but never stopped me in spending anwhere. I care Damn. What if he is like this, I can't be. And who wants to be like that. His duty is to take care of his children and wife, not mine. I am a free man, enjoyment in life is prime. What if education is suffering. What if I am getting lower grade gradually every year. What if my face is looking older than what it should appear at this age, I LOVE SMOKING, I LOVE CIGARETTES. And my childhood memories still remind me that even with smoking I can become a smart, handsome, Intellectual - HERO - SPORTSMAN - A BIG MAN WITH A BIG NAME IN SOCIETY.

How does it matter that I got 10 place in the races held in the college last week. What if my medical test held at college found out that my eyes are getting weaker. What if BIG SPECTACLES... I AM STILL POPULAR IN MY FRIENDS, STILL ENJOYING SMOKE SWIRLING OUT OF MY MOUTH. My girl friend still finds me handsome. I started with 1 cigarette a week to 1 cigarette a day and now in 3 years I have improved to 3-4 cigs a day. WHO CARES....

ujaale apanii yaado.n ke hamaare saath rahane do
na jaane kis galii me.n zindagii kii shaam ho jaaye
[Bashir Badr]

Part III - Age: 30 YearsHey, what happened. Don't worry, Nothing serious. I just dropped my love, my girl friend from my life. How dare could she attack my MALE CHAUVINISM, EGO. How she could compare my love for her with MY LOVE FOR SMOKING. How could she tell me on her birthday with her eyes in my eyes, my hands in her hands - "MY Love, Today you have to take a decision of quitting Smoking, and take me from my Dad to your home, your life, forever." I said - "You must be kidding Darling, Who wants to QUIT SMOKING...". She got stunned, looked at my serious face, peeped into my heart to see my commitment towards SMOKING, very gently moved away her eyes from my face, (I could see some drops flowing from her eyes, wetting her face, falling down, I think it were TEARS... WHO CARES.... ). She swiftly took her hands out of my hands.... and moved away..... MOVED AWAY FOR EVER.... MOVED AWAY FROM MY LIFE..... But who cares. I got one more reason to smoke, to increase my per day count. I know, smoking can reduce my pains, all pains, it will make me forget that I lost just now. That she married my best friend... What if I lost her, i still enjoy life, have a good earning, good friends who drink and smoke with me, a car also, and a house...... And above all my Love for Smoking is incerasing, I smoke 20-25 cigs per day. I feel strong, i feel great, My friends priase me for my STAMINA of smoking so many cigs per day and still be so handsome, smart, SUCCCESSFUL..... I have money.... I can have any girl of my choice for marriage.... I don't think there is anything called "LOVE YOU". There is only one thing in LIFE _ "I LOVE MYSELF and ONLY MYSELF". What if I feel pain in my heart sometimes, what if my eyeglasses have become thicker.

A lot of my transformations have been okay:
but what about tomorrow, an hour from now,
the day that last second will be for me? 

THE END - Age: 40 YearsI was in the hospital since last 3 months. And.......

Don't get shocked. Doctors just informed my family that I have died with a half burnt cig in my fingers. Who cares... I LIVED, I ENJOYED, What if my family is crying, what if someone misses me forever, What if it could have made a difference of some years if I did not smoke. What if I could save myself, health, money..


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