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TV Serial: Big Boss: ~~~Big Boss! - A Revisit~~~

Fourteen Participants - 90 days - all living aloof in a house - away from their families - no phone calls - no letters - no emails - no going outside - just only 14 together - day and night.
The Reality Show became a game show as the inmates tried every possible acts like drama, politics, scandals, outrageous behavior, over calmness, submissiveness, bitching, groupism, criticism, acting etc. to be the winner.
Big Boss also played many games with the inmates by instructing, ordering, threatening and also at times partying and calling special guests like Shahid Kapoor, John Abraham etc. for boosting them and energizing the environment.
Many old relationships and friendships broke and many new one formed during the show (but who know how many of them were just to win the show and how many were real!). At least the real self of the  celebrities (so called) that was hidden behind their masks, was revealed to a large extent.
Arshad Warsi, the host of the show used to come on Fridays which used to be the eviction day. His presence on Friday used to make the show quite interesting both for the audience and for the housemates.
Housemates in the order of their eviction:
1. Bobby Darling (Actor):  She couldn't adjust and was busy in herself for most of the time as long as she was there and that is why she did not participate in most of the household chores. Her main purpose for being in the chase for winning was to get huge money with which she would be able to change her sex.
2. Deepak Prashar (Model/Actor): His mode switch was jammed and got stuck to only one mode that was "advise mode". He was always advising all others and offered all type of fatherly services. Most of the time he would be busy in kitchen preparing anything required by anybody.
3. Kashmira Shah (Actor): Most politically correct and cunning person, always trying to persuade (and got success too) housemates in favor of groupism and not voting against each other. Rakhi Sawant fell in her trap but others like Deepak Prashar, Rahul Roy, Amit Sadh refused to get in her trap (and probably understood her intentions).
4. Rakhi Sawant (Item Girl/Dance): Confused personality, did many things just for camera sake to get publicity. Believed in exposing herself as much as possible and kept herself away from decency. Tried to scandalize by wooing Amit Sadh but all in vain and henceforth fought with him later.
5. Aryan Vaid (Model): This guy is always busy at two things - gym and romance - for gym any machine will do and for romance any girl will do. He tried to sensationalize the show by creating a romantic scandal right from the first day. Initially he tried to cajole Ragini Shetty but when failed to do so, he targeted Anupama. She resisted at first (as both are models, that he is a Casanova), but later fell prey to him. So when Aryan was successful in convincing Anupama and other house inmates by acting as a true lover, all housemates convinced Anupaman to go ahead. He even proposed her during the show but ditched her after being evicted from the house.
6. Anupama Verma (Model/Actor): She got emotionally bonded to Aryan (as he intentionally trapped her), and felt that she can't live in the house after Aryan left. Although after 2 days she was quite ok and wanted to remain in the house but people by now had done their work after getting her initial message.
7. Deepak Tijori (Actor/Director): He was a wild card entry after few initial episodes. He created a stir between Rahul Roy, Ravi Kissan on one side and Amit on the other side. They initially started following  him and started calling him 'Baba' but later understood his tricks. People soon voted him out.
8. Baba Sehgal (Singer): Another late Wild Card entry in the show. The existing housemates told him  that he has brought lot of positive energy in the house. He didn't do much in the house and more of a loner than a group man. Even his rap songs did not get much appreciations and he was too soon voted out.
9. Ragini Shetty (big Boss' Spy): She was a secret agent sent by Big Boss inside the house and initially she was successful in her mission but soon housemates got suspicious about her and she started getting uncomfortable in the house.
### Rakhi Sawant got wild card entry again in the house. This time she tried to be more polite to all. She brought gifts for all of them (although most of them could predict that she is lying that the gifts have been given to her by their family members). She was initially outcasted by many but later was accepted.
10. Rupali Ganguly (Actor): The 'tragedy queen - and Nirupa Roy of the house' were amongst few of the names given to her. She used to cry every now and then, used to do household chores and also acted as massage girl of Ravi and Rahul. She fell for Ravi who fell for Carol instead.
11. Amit Sadh (Actor): The youngest boy called 'Chote' by Rupali and others was quite short tempered, gym boy, fighter, arrogant and often used stern words. He was always engrossed in memories of his fiancĂ© Neeru. At one time he felt quite depressed and got a feeling that Neeru will leave him and he will not be able to live without her, he broke down psychologically and emotionally. He was provided Psychiatric treatment in the house after which he came out of it and got stabilized.
12. Ravi Kissan (Actor): He was the most controversial member right from the beginning. First few days he was desperate to get evicted as he was missing his three daughters and wife badly. He cried and abused a lot and got nominated by Big Boss himself for eviction. After that he started telling that he wants to stay in the house and improved himself. Later he was involved in alleged affairs with Carol and Rupali (although they all denied it always), all three had a fight with Rakhi who was blamed for promoting these stories. During last few episodes he got quite confident to win the battle.
13. Carol Gracias (Model): Another massager for Ravi and Rahul. She could not speak good Hindi but later improved a lot after practice. She was quite particular about cleanliness and was fed up of Rakhi due to her habit of not cleaning the washroom after use. She was the first runner up.
14. Rahul Roy (Actor): The 'Baba', as was the title given by others, was the quietest, slowest and most deceptive personality amongst all. He used to declare that before each eviction he had an intuition and used to tell many of them by sign language. For his protection, he used to wear 'Shiv Parvati' T-shirt every eviction day. Few housemates followed him blindly earlier, then had a rift and refused to call him 'Baba' but again after Deepak Tijori's eviction (who used to speak against him), they all started following him again. This indifferent, calm, away from any controversy, attitude led him to become the winner of the show with a prize money of 50 Lacs Indian Rupees.

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