Wednesday, August 31, 2011

General Advice on Impressing Women: men not from mars, women not from Jupiter

Disclaimer: This is purely an ADULTS content (adult not by age but by brain), not to be read by weak hearted, too learned or too serious persons. Except the story mentioned other words should be taken purely in lighter mode. DIL PE MATT LE YAAR.
Actually “impressing” is too light a word to be associated with a woman as it lowers her dignity, weightage, power, stature and warmth.A boy falls in love with a girl at first sight of her in a party. He proposes her. She refuses. Boy tries to convince her that it is true love and he will keep her happy forever. She admits that she believes him and his words but can not honor those words because she can not keep him happy as she is blind. Boy gets shocked but still wants to marry her and promises that he will never let her feel in life that she is blind. She cries, and refuses that she can not, and says if she had eyes she would have accepted his proposal as she believes his true love towards her. Few years pass by and one day girl calls the boy and tells him that this weekend she is being operated, would get her eyes, and would like him to be the first person to be seen by her. Boy accepts and reaches at the hospital where she is being operated. The moment she opens her eyes after doctor removes bandages, she looks at a smart young boy standing at the door. She recognizes him through the eyes of her heart and tells him to come near to her and talk to her. The boy starts walking towards her bed, cannot see the chair on the way and falls down. The girl shouts at him- if you were also blind, why did you never tell me, I am sorry, I can not marry you, how can I spend my life with a blind man. Boy goes away. After some days she gets a letter- I will never return back, and you will never be able to find me, when I had eyes, and could see you, you could not see me, now you have eyes, but you can never see me, but I am still lucky as WHEN YOU WILL LOOK INTO THE MIRROR, YOU WILL BE LOOKING AT YOURSELF WITH MY EYES. THIS IS THE BEST I COULD DO FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. Conclusions- boy loved the girl in a true sense. He never tried to impress her, he wanted to do the best for her. He put a permanent mark/impression on her heart without trying impressing her.
Where impress: impressing process is required between a buyer and seller, employee and employer, interviewer and interviewee, servant and master, appealer and appealant.Why impress: the process takes place to give a momentary or a long term gain in lieu of gain or loss to the other
What impresses: generally a good working of a government, an excellent piece of art, a classical movie, a dress, a story, a flyover, a road, a building, a country etc. is the factors that impress.
A true love: this “impress” process is not required in a relation of e.g. brother and sister/brother, mother and son/daughter, father and son/daughter, husband and wife etc. where the acceptance is unconditional and artificial cover on the face is not required.
Only a few impressing turn into marriage: usually one can not keep impressing the other for long, it is a short term process for a short gain.
Why men try to impress women: All wise men know that all women don’t need to be impressed, those women who have eyes to differentiate between artificial layer and reality, those women who are not overambitious, high dreamers or extra gainers. So smart men know who need to be impressed and then they are also smart enough to know/ or find out how to impress her.
Why women need to be impressed: lack of ambition, lack of reality, lack of dream, lack of clarity provides them enough time to get into all this.

A word of caution for men:
 when a woman indicates you that she is impressed by you – you are being befooled, you are not one eyed man among blind men, you are also blind, only she is making you feel like that.A word of caution for women: when a man impresses you, and you get impressed, you are heading towards a big loss and not gain.
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