Sunday, August 3, 2014

Real Beauty and Beauty Glimpse: Beautiful Mind, Heart and Body: Beautyglimpse

Real beauty would mean a well balanced beautiful mind, heart and body. There is no standard parameters for acquiring this achievement but there are definitely broader guidelines. First and foremost guideline is that always listen to your heart. Appearing beautiful physically with no sense of dressing, talking, walking and general behaving is almost useless. It might help you as long as you are sitting as a statue without performing any of the above mentioned activities. But the moment you do any of these, you are crossed, straightaway. 

That is where you need a guide, a mentor, a coach, a counselor - who can guide, mentor, coach and counsel you on how to be a perfect beauty in all aspects. And that is where this portal comes into picture. You just visit it once and you are bound to fall in love with in (in first sight!, of course!!). The portal emphasizes on The Real Beauty, and that is what the core fundamental truth of life. To attain and sustain it in life, one, first of all, needs to understand what exactly is the crux behind the word "Real". That is where you will find a great amount of help here.

Whether you need an advice on physical solutions, or need a great stuff for your grey cells, Soni R Medhi is the brain behind this real beautiful portal on beauty. It talks about beauty, health and lifestyle in real sense with lot of sense embedded in each and every article posted here. Unlike other similar portals, you will not find any unnecessary fillers or stopgaps to just 'show that the shop is full'. But when such type of things happen, most of the stuff there is meaningless and misleading. Here it is not so. You have the top links where first tab is on Beauty Advice where you have lot of meaningful articles/ tips on Hairstyles, Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup, Nails, Bridals, Eye, Cosmetic Surgery and much more, All articles are really unique written with strong conviction.

Next tab is on Reviews on various sections like Hair, Skin etc. related product reviews and guidelines, and so on. Another tab on Health & Diet is really fantastic The Weight Loss tab talks about news/ tips/ guidelines on the same. The Lifestyle tab is another feather in the cap of this portal where you are definitely going to get a large amount of useful stuff. The last tab is for you - to ask any question related to beauty and health, in your mind, and you are definitely going to get a good advice on the same.

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